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Dylan Coker

December 6, 2010

MK-ULTRA, was thought for many years to be just a figment of many’s imagination. Now striking evidence has been found over the past 60 years that provides stunning proof that MK-ULTRA did in fact exist. MK started to make its presence known when, Dr. Frank Olson threw him self out his tenth floor New York hotel room. For many years Dr. Olson worked for the US Army's secretive Chemical Corps Special Operations Division, the CIA attempted to cover up his suicide for many years. In WW2 many other types of these mind controlling experiments were tested on the soldiers. They would give them early forms of LSD to make a kind of super soldier, which only drove the men on the battle fields insane. Mk was learning from this experiment and decided to use it on captured Korean soldiers to brain wash and give up information on the Korean Military. The project used multiple illegal drugs for their alleged “truth serum”, drugs such as; Marijuana, Heroine, LSD, and sodium pentothal (widely known as the Truth Drug). In more modern times a new group of projects are starting to open and use these mind control techniques.

One more commonly known is NASA’s own creation, HAARP (also known as Project Blue Beam), HAARP is said to be able to tune into peoples thoughts and read what they are thinking, by using EMPs (Electro Magnetic Pulsations) and other various methods. NASA has stated that HAARP can also do many other things such as; strike cords in the earth and cause an earthquake, they can also strike different ones and get different reactions like a Tsunami.

MK Ultra programs could very well still be operating today. We have no idea how much stronger they have gotten on technology, but it must be much more high tech than 60 years ago.