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Working hard these last few weeks, and I started a Wordpress RSS feed. Here it is;

Missile on Cali coast

What was once declared by the Pentagon as a rocket on the date of November 8, 2010, is now known as a ballistics missile fired off by a Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine.


Mind Control

MK-ULTRA, was thought for many years to be just a figment of many’s imagination. Now striking evidence has been found over the past 60 years that provides stunning proof that MK-ULTRA did in fact exist.

Julian Assange

 It is unknown what will happen to Mr. Assange, or when he will be released, but is currently working on clearing his name in the police station in central London.     

Go to war to end the Economic pressure?

On September 28th, Paul Krugman, posted a blog saying that the economy is not a "morality play".

Tea Party blamed for Economic crisis

The United States along with the U.K. has blamed the Tea Party movement for the economic collapse.